Cекретность в Эпле

«Нью-Йорк-таймс» пишет:
Secrecy at Apple is not just the prevailing communications strategy; it is baked into the corporate culture. Employees working on top-secret projects must pass through a maze of security doors, swiping their badges again and again and finally entering a numeric code to reach their offices, according to one former employee who worked in such areas.

Work spaces are typically monitored by security cameras, this employee said. Some Apple workers in the most critical product-testing rooms must cover up devices with black cloaks when they are working on them, and turn on a red warning light when devices are unmasked so that everyone knows to be extra-careful, he said.
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Олег Подчашинский
Читать текст — одно удовольствие. «Cool-company trend», «touch-screen technology», «deep-background briefing», «top-secret projects» и т. д. Просто загляденье!