Сполский о людях, ломающих интернет

В 65-м выпуске подкаста обсуждают компании, у которых есть белый список урлов, на которые можно заходить сотрудникам, а все остальные урлы запрещены. А stackoverflow.com при этом грузит jQuery с какого-то сервера Гугля, как я понял. Ну так вот.

Jeff: ...offload jQuery to Google. Ultimately, I became in favour of it. So we actually do that now. And one thing we found out was that at some places of employment there’s basically a white list of good urls and if it’s not in that list, they won’t let anyone at their place of employment retrieve that url. This was a problem, because the major technological hurdle to doing that is that if jQuery doesn’t come down for any reason, it’s just really hard to recover from that.

Joel: Wait, so you’re telling me that there’s somebody who allows stackoverflow but not Google?

Jeff: Google APIs, well this is like googleapi dot... It’s not root Google, it’s Google something something something.

Joel: Oh you know what, if people wanna break the Internet, the Internet’s gonna be broken! I’m so unsympathetic of working around people’s crazy internal policies.

Jeff: It depends [on] how many people have this problem...

Joel: You just really want all this people to fail! People that are working for a company that doesn’t let them go to Google or whatever the case may be here, get files off the Internet, you just want... I don’t want to work around for them, I want their company to fail, because their company has moronic policies, and it’s necessary for the evolution of good healthy strong companies that that particular company fails. [...] Are we gonna... We should block IE6!

Ну, это уже другая история.
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