Грубер о том, что Сири только на 4С

Джон Грубер в подкасте «Ток-шоу» комментирует наезды на Эпл за то, что Сири есть только на Айфоне 4С:
I know that the cynical people would think that Apple is out to skin people to every dollar they can get and they want everybody to update. But I really don’t think the evidence shows that, I think that Apple is very aggressive about giving older, year old, two-year old phones as many features as they can. I really don’t think Apple is interested in trying to get people to buy a new iPhone every year. I think Apple is perfectly satisfied with people who upgrade every two or even three years... Someone who buys a new iPhone every three years is a great iPhone customer.

I mean they certainly welcome it when idiots like me buy one every year but I don’t think they see it as typical. And I think they want to make those people happy. I think Apple absolutely realizes that in the mass market $300-400 cellphones even considering that they are subsidized with a 2-year contract, that’s a lot of money. I think that they acknowledge that.
 5   2011   Айфон   цитаты