Кампус Микрософта в Редмонде, Вашингтон

И ещё немного из СО. Джоел о масштабе Микрософта:
Let’s talk about how large Microsoft is [...] Their campus is gi-gantic, there must be... the building number go up to like 130-something, and there are some buildings with letters, and that’s just in Redmond, there’s also a [?] campus, there’s a Silicon Valley campus, and there’s a whole bunch of smaller places around the world. In Redmond there are several exits from the highway which are all within the domain of the Microsoft campus, it is so easy to get lost, it is so gigantic, the buildings are huge. In the middle of the campus they built like a little mall with a bunch of restaurants and every possible type of cellphone store from all four carriers...
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